Healthcare Blog Digest – February 2013

This month we have a few articles for parents, and one for pretty much everybody.  Read on.

What Pregnant Women Need to Know About Flu presents this post, and the companion piece Flu Advice for Kids. Between the two, they have just about all the bases covered. Early prevention, healthy habits, and knowing when to seek medical attention for yourself, your child, or your infant. Read the full article here

Is My Baby Teething?

This article has all the information that a new parent doesn’t about teething. Don’t worry, it says, if you have a six week old that slobbers and cries, two behaviors associated with teething. Babies start teething between five to seven months, give or take.

Aside from just answering the question, the article also offers two do’s and one don’t when it comes to treating a teething child. Read the whole thing here.

Constipation: Surprising truths and tips for relief.

Thank goodness for Confessions of a Dr. Mom. This time around, we learn some surprising truths about constipation, how to avoid it, how to stay one step ahead, and what to do if things get really bad.

Here’s an excerpt: “A child can be constipated in spite of reported daily bowel movements. Often, parents will discount constipation as a cause of their child’s stomach pains because the child will report having a somewhat “normal” bowel movement. However, if the stools are small, hard, and difficult to pass; this could be a sign that your child is not completely emptying his bowels. Having abnormally large and infrequent stools is another sign of constipation. In both instances, stools are typically hard to pass and the child may start withholding which will only worsen the condition.”

Read the whole article here.

The above articles are for parents. Lifehacker bring us this last one that’s just for you: How Can I Make Doctor and Dentist Appointments More Bearable?

A Lifehacker Reader identified as “Needle Phobic” submits the question we’re all thinking.

“Dear Lifehacker,
I hate going to the doctor, especially if I have to get a shot or blood work done. And just the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair fills me with dread. What can I do to make these necessary appointments less stressful—and less painful?

Needle Phobic”

Lifehacker responds with comprehensive tips for finding the right doctor, preparing for your appointment, and even how to distract yourself into feeling less pain while while getting a shot. Get the whole skinny here.

photo credit: Finizio via photopin cc

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